Centrifugal Casting Products
The centrifugal casting method is to produce pipes by pouring molten metal into a rapidly spinning cylindrical mold in which centrifugal force from the rotation exerts pressure on the molten metal. It can do vertical centrifugal casting and horizontal centrifugal casting, mainly used to cast various tubular/ring/cylindrical castings. Centrifugal casting can provide castings with good quality, no pores and impurities. The maximum outer diameter of castings that STINCO can produce is 2.5 meters.
Copper alloy for stone crusher
Gears for pressing machine and elevator. Nuts for injection molding machine
Parts for pressing machine, injection molding machine, and concrete truck.
Centrifugal Casting Equipment
Vertical centrifugal casting machine (11 sets)
Dimension range : O.D. 105mm - 355mm ; length 320-350mm 6 sets
Dimension range : O.D. 255mm - 660mm ; length 350-440mm 3 sets
Dimension range : O.D. 345mm - 1200mm ; length 350-750mm 1 set
Dimension range : O.D. 1200mm - 2500mm ; length 150-300mm 1 set
Horizontal centrifugal casting machine (in purchasing) (2 sets)
Dimension range : O.D. 135mm - 280mm ; length 2000mm 1 set
Dimension range : O.D. 300mm - 580mm ; length 1500mm 1 set
Centrifugal Casting Process