Furan Casting Products
Furan casting is a kind of sand casting process, widely used in foundries. This method is using furan resin hardener as a binder and mixing with catalyst in a proper proportion to produce furan sand mold. Furan casting can provide good surface quality, smooth surface finish and good dimensional tolerance, which is mainly adapted for complex large castings. The largest workpiece STINCO can produce is max. 10 tons per piece (mass production).
Vessel pump
Vessel propeller parts and blades
Copper alloy for stone crusher
Furan Casting Equipment
1. Furan resin mold continuous mixer 8t 2 sets
2. Furan resin mold continuous mixer 20t 1 set
3. Furan Self-hardening sand processing equipment 1 set
1. Medium frequency induction furnace 1200kg 5 sets
2. Medium frequency induction furnace 850kg 6 sets
3. Medium frequency induction furnace 550kg 5 sets
4. Medium frequency induction furnace 250kg 2 sets
5. Medium frequency induction furnace 180kg 1 sets
6. Boiler oil induction furnace 1250kg 4 sets
1. Crane type shot blasting 5 sets
2. Shot tumblast 1 set
3. Track type shot blasting 1 set
Furan Casting Process