Material QC & Assurance
SAND-CAST AIR PERMEABILITY TESTER Test casting sand to control the sand quality.
HARDNESS TESTER To test the hardness properties of the copper product.
COOPER LIQUID GAS CONTAINING MEASURING INSTRUMENT Test gas containing of copper liquid to avoid gas holes.
ELECTRIC CONDUCTIVITY TESTER Test the electric conductivity of electric conductor copper product.
SAND-CAST MOISTURE ANALYZER Test the moisture of casting sand to control the sand quality.
HEAT TREATMENT EXPERIMENT FURNACE Control and condition relevant mechanical properties of the copper product.
SPARK SPECTROMETER Test the composition value of copper product to ensure meeting the specification requirements.
ULTRASONIC FLAW DETECTOR Casting inside ultrasonic examination.
UNIVERSAL TENSILE STRENGTH TESTER Test the mechanical properties of the copper product to achieve stabilized quality.
METALLURGICAL STRUCTURE MICROSCOPE Analysis to improve the casting quality.
ELTRA ON-900/OH-900 Test O/H/N content in the copper liquid to reduce the occurrence of pores.
ABRASION TESTER Test the wear life of copper alloy.
Measuring equipment for dimensional check
Disc type micrometer 25-125mm
Inside dial caliper gauge 10-30mm
Depth micrometer 0-300mm
Dial thickness gauge 0-10mm
GO-NG block gauge 1.005-200mm
Microelectronics height gauge 0-600mm
Dial caliper 0-1000mm
Outside diameter micrometer 0-800mm
Inside diameter micrometer 100-2100mm
QC inspection procedure for dimensional check
Special radian dimensional measuring of workpiece
First workpiece dimensional measuring
Microelectronics height gauge measuring
Workpiece inside ultrasonic examination
Eccentricity test
Surface liquid penetration test
Mitutoyo CMM (X: 1200mm, Y: 2000mm, Z: 1000mm)
Quality control during production procedures