Export Competitiveness
Core Capability One of our main tasks is the research and production of parts cast from an industrial copper alloy and high-precision copper alloy that meet the quality standard specified by JIS, ASTM, and other advanced countries. We are able to provide well-based coordination for relevant industries and machinery parts to significantly enhance machine quality and add value to the entire product.
In terms of casting, we exhibit excellent ability in manufacturing single casting items up to 20 tons.
The range of centrifugal casting sector covers the copper product fabricated by punching machine and injection machine, high-conductive copper, elevator gears, IT industry copper as well as other machinery copper bushings and gears, etc. in providing complete and diversified copper products and pipes required by the customer.
For vessel parts, we have accumulated rich quality improvement experience to continually and steadily satisfy the requirements from the customer.

With ample spare parts for relevant products and pipes, we offer diversified and fast product services for centrifugal casting items such as the punching machine, injection machine, high-conductive copper, elevator gears, IT industry copper and other machinery copper bushings and gears. For religious articles in Taiwan, we are domestic professional copper bell casting plant.

Continual Competitiveness

The body of oceanic steamships will be universally changed to double-layer hull to prevent oil leakage through collision. To cope with the transfer of orders among major plants worldwide, the ongoing growth of new shipbuilding is envisioned. In this respect, vessel pump manufacturing plants in Japan are the major customer source of our company, as they have accepted shipbuilding orders to 2014 and are even expected through 2016. As for the products, we emphasize continuous and coherent development of new production skills and quality control.

Enhance competitiveness

In order to meet future challenges, we will continue to adjust our operational strategies and directions. With the continuous development of production technology and the integration of vertical technology, we can effectively stimulate industrial development and enhance the fully automated manufacturing capabilities of the entire factory, thereby controlling process quality and reducing costs.

Operation Management
Marketing for Distribution Management Aspect

It is our aim to secure OEM/ODM orders from major plants so that the normal operation of the company will not be affected by the peak and off-peak seasons of copper products in the local market.

Marketing Conception and Market Segmentation

Through active diligence, diversified products, quality first and technical orientation, our operational approach grows together with the customers. By equally emphasizing the OEM/ODM and standard items in aspects of vessels and machinery products, we provide high-quality products and full-area integrated services for our customers.

Strategy Package Analysis

The product, pricing, channel and promotion strategies are keys to our strategy package. The product strategies are classified according to production line; the pricing strategies are executed by comparing our own brand and OEM/ODM items; and the channel strategies focus on Zero Level Channel. As for promotional strategies, our main focus is on the stabilized order source and appropriate control of production and inventory stock as well as the quality orientation.

Conceptual Approaches and Corporate Philosophy

Since its establishment, the company has emphasized active diligence and steady growth while maintaining mutual support, trust and cooperation with customers and among in-house employees. As for operating approaches, the company is highly praised for its diversified product line and technical-oriented services that have been trusted by major firms. In addition, we promote innovation, honesty as well as teamwork among our employees to create more employment opportunities; meanwhile, to achieve the target of profit-sharing with all our customers. Our ultimate goal is to set up a reliable mechanism and worthy reputation.

The expectation for Future Development

With diversified product items, we provide full-area services for customers and strengthen the quality service required for the existing product line. To cope with customer expectations, we will work hard to reinforce production skills.

Operation Management
Keep improving the casting technology for various copper products.
Products can meet the material composition specifications and performance for various countries.
Provide customers with stable and high-quality casting products that require machining and inspection technology.
Upgrade product level to the same class as Europe, USA and Japan, and further provide high-quality products with reasonable price.
Provide diversified, complete and higher value-added product line.
Actively elevate energy utilization rate to reduce energy consumption and to protect the global environment.